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Rayne Drops: We have no shame..

Rayne Drops
thumbnailWe have no shame..
Apr 26th 2018, 02:22, by (Rayne Drops)

Ft. gypsy heart, Doodlez, and The Cat and Fiddle @ The Play Room and The Spunky Monkey Store Release.

We have no shame

Izzy and Kael are good kids... most the time. Just a little (maybe a lot) sassy and a bit curious and precocious the moms say. The signs speak for themselves.

Kael's sign "I climbed up onto the counter to steal from the cookie jar. I ate the whole jar!"

Izzy's "I boosted them up to get the cookies and helped eat them all. It was probably my idea."

    Izzy's "I wanted a snow day, so I used the flour to make it 'snow' in my bedroom."

    Kael's "I helped make snow angels and bring the 'snow' into every room in the house."

    Kael's "Ask me why I'm grounded!"
    Izzy's "I gave the dog a makeover with mommy's expensive makeup! The dog has never looked better."

    Kael's "I asked my grandma if she had a pet dinosaur when she was little because she was 'a fossil'"

    Izzy's "I am slowly driving my parents crazy by repeatedly singing songs from Frozen. I just won't 'Let it Go.'"

.gypsy heart. Shame Signs Cute shame signs, Unrigged so you can adjust to fit. 18 commons and 2 rare duo packs. 25 L per play. 
gypsy heart mainstore is HERE

The Cat and Fiddle Mail Call gacha 1 Li mailbox. 10 common, 2 rares.
Cat and Fiddle Mainstore is HERE

Doodlez Puppy in my purse gacha 45 L per pull. Bento pose. 7 commons 1 rare.
Doodlez Mainstore is HERE

These above are found at the April Play Room so Run to get yours TP HERE

The Spunky Monkey Rosie Hoodie Outfit. Bebe Fitted and TD Baby and Kid Non-Fitted.  Able to control pretty much every aspect of this outfit, only 150L! In Spunky Monkey Mainstore TP HERE

What Izzy is wearing:
Body: Bebe Body

Shape: Blubb Emilyn Shape- self edit
Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
Skin: Lambkin Peony
Eyes: Buzz gleam eyes R Lavender L Rainbow Rare
Ears: Unisex [Mandala] Steking_Ears_Season5
Hair: Barberyumyum*90

Accessory: Kibitz - Star necklace - gold

What Kael is wearing:
Body: Bebe Body
Shape: Blubb Emilyn Shape- self edit
Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
Skin: Lambkin Peony
Eyes: Buzzeri moonstone Eyes - Avada and Pure
Ears: Unisex [Mandala] STEKING_EARS_Season5
Hair: Modulus Harvey Hair- reds
Accessory: Half Deer Pointy Fluffy Ears and Long Fluffy Tail - black

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