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LilAngelicDeviants: Wнeɴ Neтғlιх & Cнιll Goeѕ Wroɴɢ!!

thumbnail Wнeɴ Neтғlιх & Cнιll Goeѕ Wroɴɢ!!
Feb 25th 2017, 21:55, by (CalliBugg)

So What Had Happen Was.......
My Sister Cici Sneaked Into The Trailer
Late This Morning From Her Date With
The New Boy Billy Bob In The Next Trailer Court.
They Was Going To Watch Netflix & Chill
Since Billy Bob's Parent's Stole That New Foil Attena
For The Picture Tube ... But Something Else must've Happened
Because Sissy Came in Screaming" Get Out Of My Way Twerp
I Gotta Barf!!!" ..My Guess Is Billy Bob Didn't Clean That
Possum Good Enough I Saw him Scraping off The Highway
Yesterday. But Then I Heard Sissy Scream Like a Wild Banshee.
I Ran Off in The Crapper Room To See What The Heck That
Girl Was a Yellin For ..She Was Holding Her Head
and This Tiny Little Stick With Pink Lines On It .
Then She Turned This Weird Shade of White
Then She Started Puking Like The Corner Drunk
And I Pushed her head In The Toilet & Said
" Thats What Yew Get Ya bIG dUM gOOBER"
She Said " I Should've Used That Walmart Bag For Protection".
Then She Started To Run Into The Front Room
And I Ran After Her Cracking Up Laughing ..
And You know Sissy Just Dropped Face First On The Trailer Floor.
I Was Pretty Sure She Was dead So I Kicked Her a Few Times
But She Didn't Move...I Thought " Welp If She Dead Least She Wont Have To Tell Mom"
I Couldn't Help It ..I Just Kept on Laughing ..But Then Guess What ??
Sisssy Wasn't Dead Afterall ..She Just Passed Out .
Then I Got This Brilliant Idea Acuz I Go To Skool Ya Know
And Momma  & Daddy Said I Got All The Smarts In The Family ,
Anyways I Was Thinkin I Could Use Some Money To Buy Daddy
That New Glass Holder For His One Wiggley Tooth ..
And So I Told Sister I Was Gonna Tella Momma On Her
Fer Being Knocked Up And Momma Was Gonna
Take a Switch To Her Back Side If She Didn't Give Me All Her Money.
So Sissy Ran Back into The Trailer & Got Her Sekret Money Box
That She Hides Under The Lawn Chair Sofa And She Came Back Outside
And Said Here Ya Demon Spawn " Take All My Money Just Don't Tell Momma & Daddy.
So I Said " Make iT Rain On Me Heffa As I Grabbed all The Cash With Both Hands.
And Then Sissy Ran over to The Burning Trash Box & Dropped This Box in it
And She Stomped Her Foot On Daddy's Beer Box & Said " I'm Throwing These Out
Gracie Lou In Trailer Court 4 Got These From That Dime Store
And These Birth Control Pills Aint Worth a Damn
Then I Took Off Running With My Loot But She Don't Know
I'm Still Gonna Tell Momma " Yellls MOMMMMMAA YER GUNNA BE A GRANNY!!!

Click Open Photos To See Them Larger ..

What I'm Wearing ............

Head { Toddleedoo , Alice bento }Toddleedoo
Shape { Custom not for sale }
Skin   { tsg , Koko X Tone }The Sugar garden
Hair { Lamb, Loomer Blondes }Lamb
Shirt {Foreign, Crop Top 6 }Foreign
Pants { Foreign , 1998 Rolled jeans }Foreign
Sweater { Sassy , Plaid Waist Wrap }Sassy
Headgear { Rc Cluster, Orthofix Blue }Rc Cluster
Teeth { Rc Cluster, Yellow Wonkey Teeth }Rc Cluster

What Sissy Is Wearing .....

Head - { Catwa, Catya bento head }Catwa
Shape { Custom Not for sale }
Skin { Custom Not for sale }
Top { Vinyl, Sophia top Last Round of uber }Vinyl
Shorts { Vincue & Hawie , Shorts kustom 9}Vincue & Hawie
Cap { Beusy , Breaking hearts kitty cap rare @ kustom9}Beusy
Glasses { Cargo, Beatdown Hipster glasses }Cargo
Birth Control { Rc cluster , Birth control }Rc Cluster

Special Thanks ,
Rc Cluster & Billy Bob 

Rc Cluster mainstore Location Rc Cluster


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