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Bella Enchanted: Muddpuddles has had a few new releases recently and they’re all...

Bella Enchanted
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Muddpuddles has had a few new releases recently and they're all...
Oct 26th 2016, 22:07

Muddpuddles has had a few new releases recently and they're all absolutely enchanting! This set is perfect especially for any little boys looking for a new bedroom set full of adorable animations. As always, these items come with tons of animations & props for babies, friends & family! ♥


Muddpuddles Furniture; IsabellRaven Resident {Mainstore} {Marketplace

MuddPuddles: Lincoln Toddler Bed * MuddPuddles: Lincoln Bench * MuddPuddles: Lincoln Bunks * MuddPuddles: Lincoln Dresser * MuddPuddles: Lincoln Crib *  MuddPuddles: Lincoln Air Balloons Crib Mobile * MuddPuddles: Lincoln Toybox * MuddPuddles: Playpen Greyson


In the main photo i'm showing off 3 pieces from the brand new Lincoln set. You see the Toddler bed, the Bench and the Bunk Bed! These pieces comes with a large amount of animations.

The toddler bed as well as the bunk bed comes with animations that fit into 3 different categories. They are "Just me" "Friends" & "Parent". The just me category splits up into 3 more sub categories! They are sleep animations, sits and activities. The bench also comes with animations! It comes with three animations that are sure to make you look adorable. 

My personal favorite of all the animations is in the just me category under activities. It's called "Balance" *giggles* Can you guess what the animation is? It's you balancing on the edge of the bed railing, on the very tippy top! My mama doesn't like it very much though, i wonder why? :o


Moving on we have the three more pieces from the Lincoln set! We have the Dresser as well as the crib and optional mobile.

As you might have guessed, the crib like the beds comes with a whole bunch of animations as well! Just like the beds, the crib also comes with the three categories of animations. They are Sleeps, Parent & Activities. My personal favorite has to be the activities because of all the adorable things you can do! Things like lay in the crib with a bottle, ask to be picked up from the crib as well as play with a stuffie and some blocks!

The mobile is incredibly enchanting as well! When you click it you get a menu that lets you play lullaby music. There are six songs to choose from. They are Brahms Lullaby, Irish Lullaby, Over the rainbow, Puff the magic dragon, Thank heavens for little girls & Once upon a star. Absolutely perfect for anyone who really wants an immersive roleplay experience.


Last but certainly not least we have the final two new releases. They are the Lincoln toy chest and the brand new playpen. The playpen displayed above is the Grayson one but there are also two other options at the store! {Brighton & Blues}

In the picture above i've chosen the Skye colored frame and the Stars pattern. You can change the texture by clicking the fabric at the top of the playpen. There are five different color options for the frame. They are Blush, Grey, Lavish, Mint & Skye. Likewise, there are also six different patterns you can choose for the fabric at the top of the playpen and the inside. They are Elephants, Floral, Giraffe, Pink Plaid, Starfish & Stars.


That's it! Those are all the newest releases from Muddpuddles that are sure to take your breath away when you see them in game. I absolutely love how much work is put into them, from the little details on the texturing, to the fact that when you sleep on the beds you also get covered by a little blankie.

Alrighty i'm off to go play on the bed and scare my mama even more *giggles* See you next time! ♥ You can find full decor credits right below!


ASO!; Menieelee Gelles {Mainstore} {Marketplace}

ASO!Cotton Candy Garland (white)
This item is currently a gift at 2016's Candy Fair.

Boogers; Zen Zarco {Mainstore} {Marketplace}

<:*BoOgErS*:> Wagon Blocks
<:*BoOgErS*:> Shape Sorter
<:*BoOgErS*:> Toy Chest

ButtonStache; Sidee Resident {Mainstore} {Marketplace}

.BS. - Puddin Nightmare Buddy RARE
.BS. - Sweets Nightmare Buddy RARE
.BS. - Green Nightmare Buddy

Fancy Decor; Jake Vordun {Mainstore} {Marketplace}

Fancy Decor: Wire Frame

Fetch; DistortedDreams Resident {Mainstore}

[Fetch] Crystal Neon
[Fetch] Alien Neon

Half Deer; Halogen Magic {In World} {Marketplace}

+Half-Deer+ Metallic Bracket Shelf - Silver

Hectik Designs; Landon Edenbaum {Mainstore}

[HD] Child's Gold Plated Prints Frame
This is a limited item & may no longer be for sale!

Roost; RoostHomes Resident {Mainstore} {Marketplace}

ROOST - Let's Play Toy Bench

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