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-Little Friends in SL-: About me...Answering some Questions.

-Little Friends in SL-
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About me...Answering some Questions.
Sep 4th 2016, 19:09

...I'm wearing...
Outfit: {PB} Joan Outfit Melon/Mint
Hair: *barberyumyum*62B(blonde)
Necklace: * {.:Little Stars.:} * Crown Necklace (Gold) RARE
Bracelet: {T.T} Elli Bracelet 
Shoes: ~Dream. Keds - Coconut 

I'm going to answer some questions about me:
1. Do you wear a mesh head?
Usually I don´t wear mesh heads, unless its a blog post and I posted the credit here.
But why not? Well my mom loves the way I look, that´s another reason to wear my own head.
2. Which is your favorite mesh head?
I don´t have a favorite, there are 3 options for example:
Little Peanuts: I love the face expression of the mesh head.
but I have to match with the skin tool hud from toddleedoo, so it never matches with the whole body.
Bad Seed: I love the cheeks...the round head and nice details plus the skin appliers for the head and the body (very complete). They really work for the whole body!
Cute Bytes: She has the first mesh heads for toddleedoo and them match with body skin
plus there are some ethnic,,,but Bit is busy in RL so she doesn´t have time to make stuff right now.
Maybe in the future she can continue with them.
3. Where do you bought your shape?
A friend of mine who was my teacher at OSE made it for me.
I´ve never changed it. Plus I haven´t seen her in a long time.
4. Which skin do you wear?
I like to wear old skins....from Mother Goose
Cordelia...but I wore the Rosey blush and freckles from Turducken
because I looked pale! I'm pale in RL but I wanted to have pink cheeks.
Right now I´m wearing another Mother Goose old skin (Ulika)
I have to match these skins with the additional skin tool from ToddleeDoo Hud
5. Are you a baby or kid ToddleeDoo?
Baby! My mom asked me if I wanted to be her baby,,,
So I changed from regular kid to baby toddleedoo.
6. Have you ever wear another skins besides Mother Goose?
Yeap! Sometimes I wear VCO skins (not often), {LPP}, Amitomo
but the only one with appliers is {LPP} and VCO is compatible with OMEGA, so
I can wear it in all the mesh I don´t have to worry about how it looks in my neck.
If you are looking to wear your own head...this is the best choice for a skin!
6. Do you wear another stuff like freckles?
Yes! the idea when I chose this skin was to wear less blush on my cheeks so
I added [okkbye] button nose plus Glam Affair Leah Freckles.
And about the teeth [PXL] Open Mouth+Open Mouth Baby Teeth.
Lashes: The Kid Company. lashes.natural (these are easy to wear) you don´t need to edit.
My eyes are from IKON and my AO is from Akeyo Power Kid.
7. About your heart rings....
I wear them one in each index finger to remember my mom and my dad
They mean a lot to me, that's why I love to wear them all the time.
These rings are from [tea.s] Little Love Ring-  Rose

If you plan to make a new makeover just think about to
fall in love of your own avatar, I think this is the secret till you find
the way you want to look, you can copy somebody else appearance,
 but you need to love how you look! 
I think here are all the questions you could have about my avatar
Thank you  for reading my blog!

One of my readers im me inworld so I promise her to write all about my avatar here.
I hope this info can help you!
Have a nice week and see you soon!!!

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