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Rayne Drops: Chicken Nuggets!

Rayne Drops
thumbnail Chicken Nuggets!
Apr 23rd 2017, 21:10, by (Rayne Drops)

Featuring Ohana Inc. @ April Maple Ave Event

Izzy was wandering around one morning and and saw the cutest little duckling. She figured they didn't have any ducks so she decided to see if Mom would let her keep it so she put the fuzzy little duckling in her pocket,  - that's where this all started.  You see, the little duck had a mom so she picked up the mommy too cause she knew the little duckling needed her mom..................that's when she noticed she was being followed.

 Izzy could not figure out why all the ducks were following her around all day.  She ran and ran and ran and they just kept following her.  She tried to distract them by dropping goldfish out of her pocket, but that just made them more excited and wanting more. This is how Izzy learned how to  quack! And the louder she quacked the louder they quacked and the faster she ran, the faster they followed.  It was exhausting! And she was out of pocket treats.

So Izzy found her Mom and asked, "can I keep it" mom went on to  explain that if you keep the duck as a pet then they won't be able to grow into chicken nuggets!  And for ducks to be happy and keep making chicken nuggets they have to live on their own with their families!  But Izzy could still feed them now and then, and they really liked bread. It helped make the nuggets nice and crunchy just like she likes them. The thought of no more chicken nuggets terrified Izzy.  She dropped that duckling as fast as she drops broccoli under the table at dinner. And she giggled she watched the ducks celebrate and run off.

Izzy would learn about chickens and the truth of where nuggets come from later in life.  For now her mom chose to let her believe that all the goodies in life come from the pet's we let live outside! Another puppy would mean no more hot dogs. A rabbit would end Easter eggs, another  kitty would mean no more milk to dunk cookies in. But Izzy will keep trying. Something she will find won't end her sweet treats and she will get to keep it.

Featured Outfits:
In photos 1, 2 & 3:
Ohana Inc. Cara RainBoots Yellow {BEBES}
Ohana Inc. Cara Spring Jean Skirt Purple{BEBES}
Ohana Inc. Cara Spring Jean Skirt Teal {BEBES}
Ohana Inc. Cara Spring Jean Skirt Pink {BEBES}
        The Ohana Inc Cara set includes Spring Jean Skirt with shirt in choice of five colors (Blue, Pink, Purple, Teal, or Yellow) and matching rain boots. Comes in TD baby and Kid sizes and can be found at the April Maple Avenue Event going on now until the 10th of May.

Photo 4:
Ohana Inc. Saige Pink Floral [BEBES]
Ohana Inc.Saige Floral Dress Sock
       The Saige Floral Dress and Matching socks are a limited 75 item at the April Maple Avenue Event! These are exclusive and once sold out they will never be sold again. There is the option of Pink or White, both are super cute!

Poses & Props:
{tiny gems} - Make way for Ducklings pose.
[Little Nerds] Baby Chicken w/ hold & sound
Junk Food - Easter Basket (Pinks)

Izzy is wearing:
Body: Toddleedoo baby
Shape: Alex Shape [bento head] self edit
Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alex
Skin: ~Mynerva Little Kia Summer
Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes - Nymph
Ears: Unisex [Mandala] STEKING_EARS_Season5
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sunny Mesh Hair - Flaming cherry
Hair Ribbon: TRUTH HAIR Emika [Bows]
Accessory: Pulse VF #2-Fangs
Accessory: Kibitz - Star necklace - gold
Accessory: :BoWillow: Galaxy Birthstone Rings - Left RARE
Accessory: :BoWillow: Galaxy Birthstone Rings - Right RARE

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