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Bella Enchanted: This pillow… oh my gawd this pillow. When i tell you mama...

Bella Enchanted
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This pillow… oh my gawd this pillow. When i tell you mama...
Nov 9th 2016, 21:44

This pillow… oh my gawd this pillow. When i tell you mama and i were excited to finally see something like this…excited is a huge understatement! We've had so many times where we wanna sit together but the couches we have didnt have a good animation for families. Other times we wanted to watch movies & we just didnt have the pose ready to snuggle up on the couch to do so. This pillow has ALLLLL that and sooo much more!


Pillow MuddPuddles: My Lil' Pillow - Ruffles | By: IsabellRaven Resident 

This adorable pillow is meant to be that item that you use for when your couch just doesn't have the animations you want for yourself & your mama, papa or sibling. It has a huge amount of animations built into it, so everything you could want is ready for you and looking adorable! The pillow comes in 2 different options - Ruffles & Buttons.

You can change the texture of the pillow to 5 different styles on the ruffles pillow & 7 different colors on the buttons pillow.

It comes with 5 menus which all contain a variety of animations for single users, friends & siblings as well as parents.


You get 8 single sits, 5 props & 5 sleeps when by yourself. Here are two examples of the sits you can pick from - The left one is under the Sits menu & is #3. The one on the right is under props & is called Snack 2


You can have a sibling or friend join you on the pillow and you get 4 different chatty animations to choose from. The pose on the left is Sibling 4 & the one on the right is sibling 2! Gossip away and tell each other alll the secrets! *giggles*


Finally, if a parent joins you you get 7 different adorable animations to choose from! Shown above are the poses Fly High, Story time & Parent 3. As i said above, these have to be my favorite of all the poses in the pillow. I love that mama and i can put the pillow on our couch and not have to worry about cute snuggles and playtime any longer!


You can find this super amazing pillow at the Muddpuddles mainstore & marketplace. Muddpuddles has a large selection of family oriented furniture you totally don't want to miss out on! {Mainstore} {Marketplace}


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